There is magic to be found in Vietnam.  To experience different lifestyles of Vietnam is to relish the local taste, to feel the aroma of local spices & to interact with culinary artists who develop and infuse Vietnam’s earthy flavors to create the ‘local food adventure’. Our guide to Vietnam street food is an inspiration to unravel the taste of various Vietnamese dishes served along the local streets.

A holiday in a foreign country should never be as dull as visiting some famous landmarks. Because as they say, a traveler’s appetite to explore, discover the world unknown is insatiable.

The new concept(s) of foreign vacation is – dining the most expensive, pairing the sightseeing with ‘brand – exclusive’ shopping and those few short time-out gigs to buy souvenirs for friends. Honestly, they are mostly impractical and unrealistic. The best way to get to the heart of any culture is to take the streets. 

In Vietnam, as long as you are eating outside the decorated 4 walls of your hotel room, you are eating better. Out there on the streets, you can be a part of a flavorful celebration of local cuisine, at any hour of the day. 

This time, go beyond the glittery five-star luxury food places on your Vietnam tours and dig your finger into local food plates.

Bún thang

A tasty bowl of rice noodles submerged in a clear broth (chicken stock). The complexity of this dish is disguised with a simple presentation and looking for a new destination Jaipur city tour package. The taste is built up with layers of flavorsome ingredients like shrimp paste, and the rich texture is complemented with earthy wood ear mushrooms. The broth and noodles are cooked individually first, and then collectively, taking hours to transform into a light, aromatic bowl of delight.


Rice noodles + broth + herbs + meat of choice. Now before you pick up the clues of similarity with Bún thang, let us describe it first.

In North Vietnam, maximum food preparations are served with broth, cooked with different condiments and herbs. Bún thang and Phở – both have regional similarities. When it comes to taste and texture, they stand apart. 

The broth of Phở is a heavenly delight, slow-cooked with cinnamon, cardamom and star anise. One serving of Phở is accompanied with taste-enhancing companions – fresh chillies, vinegar garlic and limes.

Mì Quảng

As honoured in the name, the dish Mì Quảng belongs to the Quảng Nam in Central Vietnam and is a very popular part of a Vietnamese morning routine. A bowl filled with nutrition and protein – it is regarded as a perfect breakfast dish. So, we insist you skip hotel breakfast and head out to enjoy a bowl of mì Quảng from a street vendor in Hội. 

The noodles are coated with peanut oil and sit comfortably at the bottom of the bowl, topped with lots of fresh greens, chicken, quail eggs and chillies, with rice crackers tucked on the side.

And yes, don’t forget to Instagram your bowl of Mì Quảng because we bet, there is no place else in the world that serves this exact flavorful relish of Central Vietnam. 

Therefore a tasting tour of Vietnam street food on your Vietnam tour package is inevitable. Make it happen, book now with Pickyourtrail & unwrap the land of ascending dragons!

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