Hey guys its Julie I’m one of the babies’ gear experts and baby planners with Guru concierge. Today, we’re so excited CUZ we’re in my kitchen here at Google guru. we have a piece of baby gear that we’re excited to show you because we think it makes baby food making a lot easier. maybe making food for your whole family a lot easier this is the babymoov food maker five and one baby food maker guys.

This is a food processor that does it all it heats it steams. it sterilizes it blends it defrosts and one of the reasons. I love it is because you can use it from the very beginning. And that’s because you could also heat baby bottles in here. so many times we register for a food processor and a bottle warmer.

I don’t know you just end up with all these little extra appliances in your kitchen but no all you need is the babymoov do a meal station. because on this side you can actually heat baby bottles.

you can also heat baby food jars.if you don’t have timed or feel a like making baby food fresh that week what are the other things. that I love is really what makes the baby move do a meal station so unique, and that’s the ability to cook foods separately that helps you retain the vitamins, and minerals.

you’re hoping to get out of fresh food for the baby. it allows you to have different cooking times, so let me show you how that works. so this is the steamers side all you’re going to do is in the center console.

There’s a little compartment. you’re going to put water in and fill it in up to the light that’s indicated. then you’re going to chop your vegetables or your fruit or your meat or your fish or whatever.

it is that you want to be steaming for baby, and you’re going to put it in. it’s divided by these trays with the holes. so the steam is going to come up. it’s going to get to both items that are being cooked so say.

I’m doing potatoes and asparagus I put my potatoes in I put my asparagus in and I get it started with steaming my asparagus.

it is take nearly as long so I can set a timer when those are done. I can take those off I put the lid back on . I can allow my potatoes to keep cooking and what’s great is now at the same time.

I can even blend so there’s an included spatula. I can take the asparagus I can put it into the blender. I can now blend that to the puree that I desire while my potatoes keep cooking .

so those aren’t hard these aren’t mushy. I’m really able to get them to our desired texture so that if I’m feeding them to the rest of my family. it can still taste good and the way we want it .Then I can puree it for baby one of the things. you’ve probably noticed is that it does have a large capacity.

so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on my kitchen counter. but I can do a lot of food at once. it’s actually nine cups capacity in the babymoov  duo meal station. so I really can cook food steam great food for my whole family. guys it’s easy to use.


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