Many people have discovered that they can make vast amounts of money online and still others make good enough money online to supplement their incomes but, despite what the gurus say, it cannot be done overnight. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work in order to be able to sit back and enjoy that envious position. Do not quit your job with the crazy notion that you can make money overnight – it simply isn’t so.

The first thing anyone needs in any online business endeavor is a website. Building a website these days is certainly a lot easier than it ever was. No more mastering programs like Dreamweaver or learning HTML, with the WordPress family of website templates you can be up and running within a day.

The first thing to consider when you decide to get into internet marketing, whether it is affiliate or MLM or network marketing, is your domain name. The search engines now look at your domain name to see what relevance it has to what you are promoting. So that’s the first hurdle you have to get over – finding a good domain name. The good names disappeared a long time ago, so you may have to be creative. Domain names disappear quickly off the shelves and consequently new extensions have had to be brought into play, such,.us etc. There is some discussion as to whether these new extensions carry as much “weight” with search engines but logically, how can you be penalized for coming in so late in the game? is definitely what most people think of when you say “domain name” people are getting used to these newer extensions. If you really are stuck, you can always look up the name you want to see if it is for sale, but be prepared to pay a little extra though – or a lot extra for a premium name, these can sell for thousands of dollars.

Now you have your website name, what’s next? Now you must look for a reliable hosting company. Hosting is very cheap but what you want to look for us reliability. How much downtime do the company’s servers have? That downtime is when your website will be “unavailable” for anyone to view. A good hosting company should have 99.9% uptime, and most good ones do these days.

Next is your content. To be in an upwardly mobile position with a search engine, you must keep adding good quality, relevant content to your site, full of keywords that the search engines look for. Keyword research should be done very carefully and there are a number of free tools out there for you to use. Google is kind enough to offer one for free; it’s a good one to start with.

Okay so you’ve done that, not too difficult. Now here comes the hard, boring part of a website and that is getting affordable backlinks.

Backlinks are, or should be, links from your site to another and back, to another site that has content relevant to yours. They are like votes of confidence in the eyes of the search engines. The higher the page rank of the site you link to the bigger the vote of confidence you get from the search engine bots or spiders.

Always make sure when you are considering trying to link to another site, what position it is in. If you are a new site just starting out, a highly ranked site will probably not want to link to you, but always start at the top when looking. Contact the website owner or webmaster and simply ask, it costs an email and a minute of your time. Many will not even answer you back but you have to be persistent and organized with this. Set yourself a task of getting a certain amount of backlinks every day, and your site will start to move up the rankings.

Backlinks are the one aspect of website building that most people hate. There is no software that you can use to get backlinks reliably. You can join link exchange programs, just make sure, again, that the links you choose are relevant to your site. Don’t ever buy a whole bunch of backlinks from a link farm. Google knows about them and may even penalize you for using them. Like wrinkles, backlinks grow with age. The more popular your site becomes the more people will link to it, and they may or may not ask you to return the favor.

Cheap backlinks can be obtained from article sites and “do follow” blogs. It’s a good idea to join forums and blogs related to your subject or product anyway. These forums and blogs will also give you good ideas for articles to write about on your site, so it’s worth spending a few minutes a day on a good forum or blog. Most blogs allow you to have a link out to your website, and this will register as a backlink when people click through to your website.

Article writing is also a good way of getting links. Article directories allows you to link to your website from any article you submit to them; again it has to be an article relevant to what your site is about.


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