If you like scented oils (also known as fragrance oils), here are a few ways to get the most out of your favorite scents:

1. Oil Warmers – Oil warmers are a heating device that warms fragrance oil (also known as “burning”). This is a popular way to disperse an aroma throughout an area. They are available in all different sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Most oil warmers are available in electric & tealight.

2. Reed Diffusers – Reed diffusers are also a way to disperse fragrance, however, they use a concept called “cold throw”. Hollow reeds are placed in a glass container and then filled with scented oil. Gravity pulls the oil up through the reeds and slowly releases a scent. These types of devices do not use heat, and therefore are not as effective as oil warmers. They work best in small areas since the aroma does not travel far from the container.

3. Bring car fresheners & sachet’s back to life – Instead of throwing away that hanging car freshener or favorite sachet, add a few drops of your favorite aroma oil to refreshen it. Hanging car fresheners & sachet’s are made to absorb oils. Not only will your product be as good (or better) than new, you can also enjoy your favorite scent, and not just the ones they supply. Be sure to use quality oils that are alcohol & additive free.

4. Eliminate 95% of bathroom odors – If you’re one of the millions of people who use bathroom spray to cover up odors, you know that you end up with the scent of linen or roses mixed with… you know what. Want a better way? Add a few drops of your scented oil to the water (before use) to eliminate the odor. The concept is simple. Oil and water don’t mix. The oil floats on top of the water creating a seal. Anything under that seal is trapped (including smells). You can either add the oil with a dropper or use a small spray bottle.

minyak telon can be used in many creative ways. Add a few drops to your bath water or baby oil (just make sure the oils are skin safe before trying this). A good tip is to find good quality oils that are free of alcohol and cheap additives. If you are unsure about an oil, the best practice is to read the label or send an email to ask.

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