Overflowing wine, decadent cakes, and gifts of all shapes and sizes are almost never absent in birthday parties. Tied with ribbons shaped into flowers and bows or not, small or grand, we find it quite awkward to go to a birthday party without a gift for the celebrant. When in a rush, we sometimes give generic or safe gifts. While it is not exactly illegal, it should be highly avoided since birthday gifts can also define our relationships.

https://birthday-party6.webnode.com/ gift giving has never been a task these days. Online stores have even classified their items such that a quick search for say “garden mom gift” can give you an interesting selection of items. In giving gifts, it is still best to fine print your choices to the recipient’s gender and age, personality and interest, and of course, your budget.

People usually celebrate six birthday milestones: 1st, 7th, 18th (for women), 21st (for men), 30th (usually called the “big 3-0”), and 50th (or the golden age) birthdays. These ages are safe to shop gifts for, as each is rather distinct from the other. You wouldn’t give a seven-year-old girl French lingerie embellished with flowers and lace, correct?

Searching for the perfect birthday gift according to personality and interest is the tricky part. Adults in their 30s are usually classified into achievers, adventurers, thinkers, naturalists, geeks, fashionistas (women)/metrosexuals (men), and urban sophisticates. From these personalities, further fine print your choices by asking around what pre-occupies them or what they usually cart in their trips to the mall. Can the birthday geek live with just a camera in his pocket? A memory card will be perfect for this shooter. The office achiever will be thankful for that leadership book that has always been out of stock. Giving a metrosexual mini versions of his favorite soap, shaving cream, and hair wax will merit you instant brownie points. Even if it is only an inch big, a shoe pendant will capture the heart of your fashionable friend.

Head on to the generic gift lane only if you really cannot find ways to research on what the celebrant’s passions are. Coloring kits appeal nicely to seven year olds of both genders. Gift certificates valid mall wide are safe for female and male debutantes while wine will be highly appreciated by the junior execs who just hit thirty. Men and women in their 50s usually favor house decor such as exquisite flower vases, small sculptures, and oil burners.

For a more hassle-free gift-giving, try sending a bunch of flowers. Online florists such as Island Rose, offer flower delivered straight to you loved one’s doorstep. It is not how much you have spent for your gift, what matters is how you remembered your loved one’s birthday.


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