Movement from Exchange 2003 to Office 365 can even now be securely done, anyway there is regularly an additional issue to be defeated concerning officedotkom/setup. Numerous associations that are running Exchange 2003 are additionally running Office 2003. Fortunately moving to Office 365 presents an extraordinary chance to likewise supplant Office 2003 by picking an Office 365 arrangement that incorporates Office 2013 – for instance the Office 365 Business Premium arrangement.

The awful news is you have a chicken and egg circumstance since Office 2003 when all is said in done – and Outlook 2003 specifically – doesn’t work with Office 365. This implies during the relocation procedure you need to settle on redesigning your email framework first, and afterward not having the option to get to it until you’ve refreshed all the PCs to a later form of Office (in any event office 2007). Or on the other hand, you update all the PCs to a more current form of Office first, and afterward do the movement of Exchange Server to Office 365.

Whichever strategy you pick, there will be a timeframe when clients are stuck in a dead zone – they won’t have the option to get to their email server from their adaptation of Outlook. So a choice should be made – is it best to redesign Office first, or is it best to overhaul the email server first? Genuine experience shows that it is best in each circumstance to move up to Office 365 first and afterward overhaul Office 2003 clients to Here’s two theoretical guides to demonstrate this point:

Organization A has 20 staff with 19 clients running Outlook 2010 on their PCs and with just a single client running Outlook 2003. It is ideal to move the email server to Office 365 first, on the grounds that lone the one client won’t have the option to get to the new email server until their form of Office gets redesigned. What’s more, it should take just an hour or so to understand that client’s PC moved up to Office 2013.

Organization B likewise has 20 staff, however for their situation 19 clients are on Office 2003 and just one is on state Office 2010. From the start this appears to be an issue – on the off chance that the Exchange 2003 Server is moved to Office 365 first, at that point the 19 staff won’t have the option to get to their messages until the PCs have Office 2013 introduced. What’s more, on the other hand, if the 19 PCs are refreshed to Office 2013 first, they won’t have the option to get to their messages until the Office 365 movement process has been finished. Luckily, right now is an excellent break arrangement – clients can utilize OWA (Outlook Web Access) to get to their messages by means of the program until their PCs are refreshed to Office 2013. Without a doubt, it will likewise be workable for them to now approach Office 365 email on a scope of cell phones and tablets they may as of now have like iPhones, iPads, Windows cell phones and Android gadgets.

Performing movements to Office 365 from later forms of Exchange are much simpler to activity, however with a very much structured perusing plan that thinks about the ramifications of old adaptations of Office, the Exchange 2003 relocation procedure can at present be acted in an auspicious and financially savvy design.

It likely could be that the most ideal approach to guarantee your association of a fruitful Office 365 movement from Exchange 2003 is to utilize the administrations of a Microsoft Partner that has Office 365 confirmations and genuine involvement with performing Office 365 relocations.


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