Having a clean and hearty kitchen will be a good way in maintaining your family health. Sometimes cleaning your kitchen utensils can be a bored task to do. But if you know the proper way in cleaning all of your kitchen utensils, you will find that cleaning is not a difficult task to do anymore. As a result, you will get a great, clean and health kitchen.

In the following article below, you can find some simple way in cleaning your kitchen utensils. The first utensil is microwave. Microwave is prominent utensil in producing your daily meal. You can simply clean it with baking powder and water. Please use the good spoon for the interior part and the front part of microwave. After it is clean enough you can wipe it with a wet wiper.

The Utensils that you need to keep and maintain is oven. You can simply clean it with baking soda powder and washing soda. First of all you can spread the water on the oven and then apply the baking and washing soda into it. Please leave it one night and then you can rinse it until clean in the following day. You do not need to use aerosol because it contains lye and ammonia that is dangerous if it spread through the air and can be inhaled or enter the eyes and skin by accident.

After you success in cleaning your oven and microwave, you also should clean your kitchen cabinets. Since this cabinet will hold some of your food and also others kitchen supplies, it is strongly suggested to have clean and healthy kitchen cabinets. If you have kitchen cabinet that is made from wood, you can simply use oil soap that also can be use for your entire baseboard, table and floor.

If you have a kitchen cabinet that is made from Formica, you can use a special soap that is made from, vegetable fat. You also need to add an olive oil, vinegar and warm water. Please mix those three ingredients and then fill it into the spray bottle. You need to Click here before you use it.

Instead of that utensil above, you may find other difficulties in cleaning your kettle and tea pot. Kettle and the pot usually have a lot of crust due to frequent use. Crust has become one of the dirt that is very difficult to clean. But if you know the proper way in cleaning it, it will not as difficult as you think before. First of all, you need to take some vinegar and baking soda powder, and then you can mix it with the warm water. After you can clean all crust, you can do some prevention steps such as use some sulfur for your kettle and teapot.

Furthermore, you also need to pay attention on your dishwasher cleanness. Since dishwasher will help you to keep clean all of your plate, glass and spoon clean. You can use detergent that contains phosphate and chlorine. Those substances will not be dangerous if we use it at low level. In lower level, the fume of chlorine will not be dangerous for people surround you.

A few simple tips above are what you can do to keep your kitchen hygiene. But the most important thing is regular maintenance of cleanliness and health of your kitchen. So your kitchen will stay health and clean.


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