Everyone needs a good Free PDF read and write software these days. It is very common to see websites now that include PDF format downloads or content built into the site page that displays a PDF file. Most people have a decent PDF reader. They often come standard on most PCs and laptops and are available on the internet as well. One of the most common and best PDF readers out there is PDF Reader by Adobe.

If you don’t have it, I suggest giving it a try. You can download the freeware from Adobe’s website.

As PDF files become more and more mainstream, I get asked more and more about how to create such files. Everyone’s comfortable these days with the readers, and how to use them. However when it comes to actually making a PDF file most people don’t know where to start. I find many people try for half an hour to use adobe PDF reader to ” create ” a PDF file and can’t figure it out. Then they email me or post the same question on my blog over and over. That’s partly why I’m writing this article. I figure if I post this article on my blog and on the internet, then people can find the answers they’re looking for to this problem quicker.

There are many Freeware https://2pdf.com/convert-oxps-to-pdf/, generators, and converters out there. I will tell you about a few, but first let me tell you the differences between them. PDF writer is the term generally reserved for the type of software that integrates with your printing devices. I use ” CutePDF Writer ” myself and find it a very handy little tool. The way it works is this. Once you’ve installed the program, it’s now available in your list of printers. So, essentially it can be used from any program on your computer that allows printing! Isn’t that great? All you do is create a document with any program on your computer and then click ” print “.

Once the print properties widow opens, you can select ” CutePDF Writer ” from the list of printers.

Then Click ” Print “. A window will open asking you to name the new file. Once you’ve typed in a name for your new file click ” save ” and you’re finished. It will save a PDF file of the document you just created.

Most of these programs are OK if you just need a quick PDF file from something, but often lack features.

Getting into PDF generators is a step up. They allow you to actually have a document creation window instead of using an additional program to do the typing in. The best one I’ve ever found on the internet is PDF Generator Pro which also allows you to add links to your PDF files. The linking features that PDF generators have make them a a step up from writers. Linking capabilities are one of the main features missing in the PDF writers that I’ve come across. They work good but don’t have the linking capabilities that PDF Generators like PDF Generator Pro does. Of course if you want to spend some money you can also get Adobe PDF Writer which is one of the most mainstream products available today.

So, I hope you found this information useful. Maybe now you can stop looking for the ” create new file ” button in your Adobe PDF Reader, and breath a sigh of relief. No, you’re not alone. Many people make this exact same mistake. I hope you find some software that suits your needs. And feel free to check out my blog if you need more help.

If you want the best PDF generator software available right now I recommend you try PDF Generator Pro you can get it on my site as well as free help with websites and related subjects on my blog.


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