Updating your home’s interior doesn’t need to be expensive. Often, the replacement or addition of one or more home decor items is enough to liven up, create interest in, or alter the mood of any room in your home. If you’re deciding to redecorate a space in your home be sure to go online first to find those key staple items at your nearest home decor online store and avoid the hassle and wait at the checkout line at your local home decor boutique.

Top Decorating Recommendations

Bold prints: Among the most popular current home decorating online trends is the use of bold prints for cushions, wall art and chairs. An affordable way to change the feel of a living room is to reupholster a sofa, love seat and chair with bold print of fabric. An even more affordable technique is to simply add black and white print cushions. Without creating a style or colour clash, this neutral combination of colours can add a splash of contrast to any bland couch.

Mirrors: Mirrors are great accessories for almost any room in the house, suitable for hallways, waiting areas, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. A timeless way to produce a sense of space and light, if correctly placed, can even create the illusion of another room or space if placed opposite from a window or doorway. A choice frame can also change the character of a room while also making it appear wider.

Curtains: Another inexpensive technique to give a room, (such as the bathroom) a quick makeover is to exchange the old curtains, shower curtains and any other window treatments, for newer contemporary prints. Using a different type of drapery is another option, for example old drapes can be replaced with tab top window treatments. One doesn’t have to be restricted by window proportions either, smaller, shorter windows can be concealed with curtains that are higher or wider than the window itself. This can lend a luxurious sense of size and grander to any room.

Lights: Rooms can undergo a dramatic nighttime transformation through the simple use of lighting. A variety of table lamps, accent lamps, floor lanterns and pendants can create a completely different atmosphere for the evening version of a room. Windows can be highlighted as well as works of art, curtains can be illuminated and trees can be spotlit with uplight cans. Dimmers can help adjust the light in a room by controlling ambiance, while tube lights arranged behind furnishings can create a subtle glow.

One of the least expensive ways to give a room a makeover is to move its furniture and other contents around to different positions in the room. Design a different arrangement for the side tables, couches, chairs and tables, shelving and other furniture. Attempting to create more space is a good aim and can usually be achieved by moving furniture to a room’s centre.

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