In the next few minutes, you’re going to discover how you can make money by optimizing your ‘About Me’ page on eBay. Now most top sellers on this gigantic auction marketplace measure their success by how many products they’ve successfully sold, or how much profit they gain on each auction. Of course, these are crucial components of your success on eBay, but if you aren’t looking beyond the sales, you are missing out big time on many other benefits.

Keep in mind that even though any given auction results in one winning bidder, your listing is sure to be seen by plenty of buyers. And the folks viewing your auction are there because they are actually interested in purchasing the item you offer. What if you could take advantage of this highly targeted and valuable traffic? Well, it’s not as simple as you might think and that’s the reason only a handful of sellers on eBay are implementing it effectively!

Now eBay does not like you using your auction listing to send traffic somewhere else. Instead, they want you to sell your goods on their site – they can then take a marginal share of your earnings and make money! So there’s a special rule in place which prevents you from inserting a link to your ufabet เว็บหลัก (or any other site for that matter) in your listings. But the good news is you’re allowed to place a link to your ‘About Me’ page. And this is where things get really exciting…

This page is a completely free tool you get just for signing up with eBay. If you have a look at most sellers’ ‘About Me’ page, you’ll see adorable photos of their kids, pictures of their cute puppies or images of stunning landscapes. While there’s nothing wrong with that (especially if your eBay listings are merely a fun hobby), it’s no way to make money.

Which brings us to the question…should you go crazy and transform your personal page into a blaring advertisement for your website? No! There are a couple reasons why this a bad idea:-

1. It’s definitely against eBay policy

2. Bidders are a lot smarter than that – if they wanted to snap up your products right away, they’d immediately place a bid on the item for sale.

Are you beginning to wonder where we are going with this? Well, hang on…because you will soon see the whole thing come together…

If you want to make money by setting up a solid and profitable internet marketing business, it is important that you build an opt-in email list to promote your products and website. Imagine…wouldn’t it be great to be able to follow up with the leads you generate on eBay and get another opportunity to sell to them?

Now you’re probably wondering…’how do I capture the email addresses of all the shoppers that are interested in my item, but for whatever reason, decide not to bid on it?’

Simple. You use the free virtual real estate available on your ‘About Me’ page to advertise your opt-in offer! Since you’re promoting an offer for free information (in the form of an eBook or a report), rather than an article that could be auctioned off, it is entirely within eBay policies to place a link to your opt-in box in this area!


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