Weddings are something that require a lot of careful planning and the plan could be doubled if this wedding takes place in a totally different city than where you are. One of the most important things in planning a wedding involves selecting the most appropriate kind of venue, because it is the venue where all your festivities and functions would take place. The below written article is going to help you in planning all the important things that you need to consider if you are planning to book resort in gurgaon. When we talk of gurgaon as a venue the place has a lot of wonderful options that you can pick and make your D day even more special.

Top 5 things to consider before booking a wedding resort in Gurgaon are:

  1. Pre Booking: Keep in mind that these resorts are very much in demand for the wedding season and need to be booked well in advance. All the popular resorts and hotels are usually booked way ahead of time and in case you wait for bookings till you are close to the date, you might just miss the date. The selection of the date needs to be very well thought and picked too. Some dates according to religious calendars are usually heavy dates and are very difficult to book. Even your travel tickets should be planned well in advance.
  2. The Final Location: When you book a resort be sure of the location as to how closely is it placed to the airport and railway station, are all the basic amenities and rooms enough for all the guests, is there enough parking for the guests, can the place all the various functions in the same resort. Gurgaon holds a lot of traffic in the wedding season due to several resorts being in the same place, so you should consider points like these well in advance. Planning well in advance for any last minute changes should be done like in case it rains how would you continue the remaining function and all. One should have a full list of wants and needs in hand before you book the resort.
  3. Guest List: The guests are an important part of the wedding and one works again and again over the guest list. There is nothing more frustrating and upsetting than a guest that you might have forgotten to invite. This guest list would also be of great help when you are about to book rooms, arrange food , arrange return favours, etc since you would know the exact numbers.
  4. Decor: The Decor of the venue simply adds to the beauty of the place. There may be several themes that one can select from. There are several big decorators that can help you with all of this but again they need to be booked well in advance. Since the good resorts in gurgaon are usually open and big, interesting themes like disco nights or qawwalli night, etc can be easily planned. Floral decorations and colours would add a lot of beauty to the final look.

So in case you are planning to get married in the coming season you should consider looking at all these points.

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