India is the country that is known for delivering the Kidney Transplant at the minimum possible price. The doctors in India possess the experience of over three decades in kidney transplantation. The years of practice have made it possible to deliver this organ transplant process at an approximate success rate of 99 %. It attracts the maximum number of medical tourism companies in the country every year. 

The surgeons of the country are famous across the globe for providing the Best Kidney Transplant in India. It is because they possess tremendous experience in handling end-stage renal failure. The medical team assist the patient not only until the surgery but also after the completion of the treatment to avoid the post-surgical complications. 

The cost of kidney transplantation in spite of best-in-class services are very reasonable. It is possible to receive a kidney transplant at a price ranging between USD 13,000 to USD 15,000 in the country. You cannot receive the treatment procedure at a cost cheaper than India in any other country across the globe.

Is the Cost of Kidney Transplant Fixed for Kidney Transplant in India?

The price for kidney transplantation is not fixed in the country, but the price range for the treatment remains the same. Irrespective of all the factors responsible for the alteration of the price, the price of treatment does not go above 15,000. The variation in the costs depends on different reasons, that is:

  • The kidney failure of one or both the kidneys
  • The cost of travelling for medical tourists
  • Number of dialyses, if necessary before and after the treatment
  • Charges of the hospital, you select for your treatment
  • Expenses for food and lodging, inside and outside the treatment centre
  • The consultation fees and the surgery fees of the doctor and the medical team
  • The expenditure on the diagnosis of the patient as well as the donor
  • Cost of medication for both the donor and the receiver; before, during and after the organ transplant
  • The physical, mental and the medical condition of the patient as well as the donor.

No matter what all factors we take into account, the Average Cost of kidney Transplant in India will remain the same. So, in case you are suffering from end-stage kidney disorders, you can plan your treatment in India. Here, you will receive the successful as well as satisfactory treatment, and you can also give considerable relaxation to your pocket.

However, to receive the kidney transplant in India, you have to be sure that you have a blood-related donor. 

Final Words:

Kidney failure is a highly noticed health disorder across the globe. It can disrupt your professional as well as personal life completely. If you wish to get back to a healthy life after the sufferings, you have to be sure that you receive the treatment on time. So, approach the top surgeons in the best hospitals of India to avail the procedure and start living a healthy life over again.


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