One of the most recurrent skin problems that a majority of individuals suffer from as they reach their puberty is the occurrence of pimples. With the advent of youth, the sebaceous glands within the skin become activated. Thus it leads to the secretion of natural oils. Sometimes this oil secretion is more than what is required. This harms the skin, as it clogs the pores and attracts dirt. Hence, the resultant is the occurrence of pimples.

There are other factors too, behind the occurrence of pimples, such as hereditary issues. It is mostly seen that those with a genetic history of pimples are more susceptible to the occurrence of the same than those with no family history of pimples. Therefore, a girl has more chances of eruptions of pimples if her father or mother has excessive pimple problems.

Another cause that tends to the breakout of pimples is constipation. Hence, those who have a chronic problem when their bowel movements do not get cleared regularly will be more vulnerable to the outbreak of pimples all over the skin.

Whatever may be the cause but pimples mar the beauty of the face at youth. It sometimes is big, red and painful, while at other times it is smaller in size and occurs in plentiful. Young men and women get more conscious whenever there is a pimple outbreak on the face. They either rush for over-the-counter medicines that claim to show overnight results in curing the condition or mesmerized and hypnotized by colorful advertisements on television, iosemus, they end up in buying extremely expensive cosmetics, which prove futile even after a few days of regimented application.

But the wisest way is to follow certain very simple tricks and changes in lifestyle that surely bring about changes in the facial skin by curing the root cause behind the repeated occurrence of pimples, thereby treating it completely.

Clean your skin

The cardinal point in preventing the occurrence of pimples is to keep the skin scrupulously clean so that the excess oil deposit cannot attract dirt. As a result, the skin pores will not get blocked and there will be no pimples. Moreover, even those of you who do not have an excess of oil secretion problems will also be benefited if the skin is squeaky clean, as skin problems are greatly reduced by it. So, twice a day cleansing with a mild face wash and at least three times of plain water splash will be perfect care.

Apply an astringent

People with pimple-prone skins are more susceptible to the presence of open pores. Such large sizes of pores tend to secrete more oil, making the face even oilier, thereby aggravating the chances of occurrence of pimples. Hence, applying astringents on to the face with cotton balls in circular movements will reduce the size of the pores, thus, minimizing the secretion of facial oil and also will remove any, already present, oil from the face.

Detoxify yourself

The body produces toxins that need to be flushed out if you want to stay away from skin disorders and pimples. The most convenient and natural way of detoxifying the body is to drink water generously. It is recommended that one must drink at least eight to ten glasses of water to flush out the toxins of the body and impart a natural glow to the skin. Together with water, eating enough quantity of fresh fruits and fruit juices also cleanse the skin internally.

Regimented exercise

Another most important thing to must do to ensure clear bowel movement together with regulated oil secretion from the sebaceous glands is to do exercises regularly. Some of the sure-shot yoga exercises that work great in curing pimple problems are discussed below.

‘Sarvangasana’ or exercise of the whole body

This exercise serves in promoting the overall wellbeing of the body since it promotes the normal circulation of blood throughout the body. It can be done at any age.

How to do

Begin the exercise by lying down straight on a flat surface, keeping your shoulder, neck, and spine erect. Your hands must rest on either side of your body while your legs must stay stretched and firm.

Now, begin the exercise by lifting the lower portion of your body, till the level of your waistline. Lift your legs to such a height that your feet point dead up. You need to support your posture with the help of your hands. Hence, as you take a position to lift your legs, bring your elbow in the level parallel to your waistline and hold the back part of your body with your palms.

Maintain yourself in the position for approximately 15 seconds and then release slowly and get back to the position from where you started. Allow a break of about 10 seconds and repeat the exercise for two to three sets more. Maintain a normal breathing regime all through the exercise, while only encourage breathing in while you lift your legs and breathing out while you release from the position.

‘Dhanurasana’ or the bow posture

This exercise works great for the spinal cord and the abdomen. It is also a great exercise for preventing acne as it encourages smooth blood flow throughout the body.

How to do

While you prepare yourself for doing this exercise, you must lie on the ground with your face facing the ground. Your legs must be stretched out and your hands must be on either side of your body. Look straight.

Now as you begin the exercise, slowly lift and bend your legs such that your hands could hold them from the back. As you hold on to your legs, put a slight stretch on your hands and your legs simultaneously. You are supposed to look straight as you lift the upper part of the body too. Only your abdomen is supposed to stay connected to the ground.

Your posture should resemble a bow now. Hold on to the position for about 10 to 15 seconds and then release slowly. Give your body a resting period of 10 seconds in between and repeat the exercise twice wella toner chart

While you lift your body, breathe in. Maintain normal breathing while you perform the posture. But, as you release the posture, exhale.

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