In this article, we will discuss the importance of keeping beer properly stored while it’s waiting to be served at your bar, establishment, or private party. Nobody likes skunky beer that has been cooled and warmed over and over again. Here are some tips on storage and packaging.

In the laagering vats, beer improves with age. While on the shelves, coolers and in the package, the quality starts to decline quickly. The fresher the beer is when served, the better it will taste. You will want to keep sufficient stock on hand to avoid any possibility of running out. This means you will probably have several cases on hand when the next delivery is made.

Storage Temperature

The best temperature for storing package beer is between forty degrees and seventy degrees. At higher temperatures, especially approaching 100 degrees, aroma and flavor depreciate rapidly. At lower temperature there is always the danger of freezing. If beer is frozen or exposed to multiple freezing, ingredients break down and separate, forming flakes in the beer. These flakes will not go back into solution when the beer is thawed, thus making it unsalable.

When beer is lightly frozen only once, the water in beer separates to form ice. Such beer can usually be saved if it is clear after thawing. After it thaws, gently turn the can, bottle or barrel over, end to end, to re-mix the contents. When the beer returns to its original state it can be sold.

Storage Place: Clean, Dry, Dark

Your storage area must be clean to keep cartons, bottles and can attractive, presentable, and dust free. Beer stored in a dirty area loses sales appeal.

Beer cartons and packages must also be protected from dampness. Damp cartons can allow bottle breakage or can damage. Dampness can also cause some aluminum cans and bottle crowns to become unsightly and unsalable.

A dark storage place is especially important to bottle beer to prevent its becoming light struck depends upon the intensity of the light. Exposure to direct sun rays will noticeably affect it in only a few minutes. Beer that is light struck will have an odor similar to that of a skunk. This condition is known as “cervejas.”

While canned beer is not affected by light, direct sun ray causes overheating which may change the aroma and taste.

Keep it cool! Follow these steps and guidelines and you will be sure to keep your beer fresh.


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