A high quality heating lotion is great for one main reason:

Sprains, muscle pulls, and muscle aches

These are the main reason why people buy these lotions. Sprains, muscle pulls, and muscle aches are often painful. At the same time muscles are often tense on top of the intense pain that is being felt. A topical heating lotion is the perfect topical treatment. All you need to do is to simply apply some lotion and massage it into the painful region. The pain should soon start to feel more bearably, especially if you have a high quality, fast acting lotion that works to quickly penetrate the layers of the skin to reach the muscle ares.

If you like to play sports regularly, or exercise regularly, then you need to get yourself some heating lotion to ensure that when the inevitable muscle pull, muscle ache, or sprain occurs, that you have something to help take the pain away and loosen stiffness as soon as possible.

You’ll also be the best friend of any colleagues that accompany you, as you spare some of your lotion to help them out when it happens to them.

Some Hemp Lotion can also be used for these two alternative purposes:


Some lotions also work great just for general massage purposes. The same properties that are good at helping to relieve the pain from pulled muscles, and muscle aches and sprains also works well for a general massage. It helps relax the muscles and leave you feeling refreshed.

Common Colds

With certain lotions, it may also be possible to use it as an inhalant at times of having the common cold, helping to open up the airways so you can breathe more easily. Simply squeeze some lotion out and massage it into the chest, or sinuses if you prefer, to help alleviate cold symptoms.


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