Catalog boxes are used to package and present a catalogue. A catalogue is basically a sort of magazine that advertises the type of products a company is offering to sell, as well as their prices. There are a lot of different types: business to business, consumer, international, consumer showroom etc. however, in order to make sure that the catalogue has the intended effect of impressing the customer into considering buying from the firm, it has to be presented and printed in such a way that it is eye-catching, intriguing and compelling. This effect can be achieved only through the services of a good printing and designing facility, which specializes in catalog boxes, magazine printing and designing inventory boxes.

Catalogues and magazines have been used by firms to advertise about themselves and the products they produce and sell. They are used widely today as well, despite the increasing shift towards the prospects of E-marketing and retailing. There are a number of reasons that have ensured the continued use and growth of companies that provide prospectus and magazine box printing services.


A catalogue is a form of advertisement by the business in order to attract consumers. That makes it a very important area of focus for any operation. In most cases, the product directory of a company is mailed to retailers and consumers before the product is even launched in the market so that the buyers can have a bit of knowledge about the new item. They influence purchase decisions, as proven by the fact that 72% of buyers agree that the item inventories sent over by companies to them influence their decisions. Another reason as to why they are still used is that they allow the consumer to connect with the company on a deeper level: in a time of online retail and shopping, buyers like to feel he novelty of being more involved in a transaction. Sales, limited time offers, promotions, stories, and exquisite printing quality are all factors that make the customer more involved and able to connect with the firm on a deeper level, especially if there are coupons and such attached with the brochure. They are highly popular amongst the millennial generation, who prefer to receive mail, rather than having to browse online for products. It is easy and convenient for us to look at printed booklets that are light, portable and full of information, instead of having to trawl through the website and searching for items they want to buy, as confirmed by about 52% of customers. The fact that they are highly customizable is a great benefit, especially for a firm that is focusing on product differentiation and setting up a separate brand image. Also, keeping in view of the recent trend towards a cleaner environment, magazine packaging is also biodegradable.

Tips for Making an Outstanding Business Catalog:

As explained above, we know about the importance and impact of a little booklet that just has pictures and some information. But that is what every type of inventory will have. And in order to sell, you have to be innovative and unique. The real question is, before even selling the product how to make sure that the buyer has been convinced by the creativity and originality of the company, and the perception they develop. That all develop on the printing and presentation of the article, and that in turn, depends upon the skill and style of the printing service you choose.

Here are a few tips that, if properly implemented will lead to the production and presentation of a very attractive and effective catalogue that will help boost sales by attracting consumers.

  • Make it vivid, but sensible: remember that visual stimulus has the most impact on a consumer and hence, any product that you wish to sell must be colourful and aesthetically pleasing. Stunning graphics, fancy illustrations, appropriate typography; they all make any brochure stand out. Include high-quality images and creative designs, for example, the artistic and highly artistic designs on the covers on Human After All’s brochures. However, make sure that it is theme oriented. If you are advertising formal office clothing, flashy designs would put off the customer. Similarly, if you wish to create an impact, remember your audience. Target audience is the key factor that should be considered before undertaking any sort of ad campaign.
  • Worth and value: continuing with the idea of audience, remember your product and tell us how it is relevant for that specific group of people. This is done by providing the customers with a short and succinct summary of how your product is a need and not a want. Brands that specialize in luxury furniture like IKEA, do not tell you about the cost, but the value of the product. Any effective catalogue must make sure that it emphasizes the concept of the worth of the product, rather than monetary value.
  • To the point: most new companies make the mistake of trying to provide too much emphasis on how their product is better, and providing extra details. If you look at the brochures distributed by giants like Apple and Nike, you will notice that they do not put much importance on how other brands are bad and theirs is good. They just display their items in a simple and efficient way. It does not confuse the consumer and helps fulfil the main purpose of the brochure: educating the buyer. Steer away from using big and flashy vocabulary. It does not impress them and makes understanding the information difficult. However, do provide the necessary information that people require to understand how the item works, and place orders.
  • Call to action: you need more than just visuals to move an audience. Spur them into action by including information about a limited stock, or promotions, QR codes or coupons etc., anything that will make them interested in taking action to buy your product.
  • Colour and Quality: the paper quality is imperative in developing a good first impression of your brochure. Similarly, the colour should be appealing and brand-specific. Harsh contrasts are difficult to read and should be avoided.

In order to make a good leaflet, a company should keep in mind all these factors and avoid making mistakes that might put off customers.

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