I’ll wager you realize that the Breeders Cup World Championship is a progression of races that is broadcast on one force stuffed card. You may likewise realize that Breeders Cup is arranged yearly in fall, and that the host race track turns from year to year, much like the NFL Super Bowl shifts back and forth between have urban communities. Furthermore, I’ll wager you’ve known about probably a portion of the individual races, which truly are the Classic, the Sprint, the Turf, the Mile, the Distaff, the Juvenile, the Juvenile Fillies, and the Filly And Mare Turf. You likely realize that Invasor (2006 Horse of the Year) won the Breeders Cup Classic in 2006, and you may even realize that Bernardini completed behind him in second. In the event that you are a genuine hustling devotee, you realize that the primary Breeders Cup was held at Hollywood Park in 1984, and in the event that you ever gone for Jeopardy you may realize that the Filly And Mare Turf was initiated at Gulfstream Park in 1999. That is the thing that you may know.

However, I’ll wager you don’t have a clue how a pony meets all requirements to run in a Breeders Cup Championship race in any case. What’s more, that is the trick of the trade of Breeders Cup, a lot to the embarrassment of Breeders Cup coordinators. Verifiably, the overall population communicates just mellow enthusiasm for Breeders Cup until around fourteen days before the occasion. Furthermore, that is the motivation behind why the NTRA (National Thoroughbred Racing Association) and Breeders Cup Prediction Limited (Ltd) are changing the standards for 2007. The new program is by and large officially called the Breeders Cup Challenge, yet its famous moniker is Win And You’re In, and it will grant 24 programmed billets for Breeders Cup 2007. The victor of every one of 24 significant stakes and debilitation occasions (on 6 major days in the mid year and late-summer of 2007) gets a free pass to Breeders Cup. This arrangement is certainly not a total upgrade, yet it’s a significant change to the norm, and ample opportunity has already past. The Breeders Cup Challenge is a talk of Breeders Cup Ltd alongside the initiative of a few of the best courses the nation over.

The manner in which it worked before was a two-layered framework, and that basically won’t change. The primary level is a point framework and the subsequent level is a specialist board. Up to 14 starters are permitted in every Breeders Cup race. In the event that 14 or less ponies are entered for a race, no issue, everyone gets in. Be that as it may, on the off chance that in excess of 14 ponies are entered, at that point the race is oversubscribed. This is the place the Breeders Cup focuses framework kicks in. During the year, ponies that finish first, second, or third in Graded stakes races procure focuses. More focuses are earned in Grade 1 occasions than in Grade 2 occasions. For instance, a victor of a Grade 1 race gains ten focuses, while a champ of a Grade 2 race acquires six focuses.

Reviewed Stakes Points for soil races will be the main focuses included for ponies pre-entered in earth Championship Races and Graded Stakes Points for turf races will be the main focuses included for ponies pre-entered in turf Championship Races. Reviewed Stakes Points focuses are counted up during the year, and the quantity of focuses a pony acquires decides whether he makes the cut or not.

There are two provisos. The first is how focuses are meant adolescents. All Graded Stakes Points [from earth and turf races] will be meant the three two-year old Championship Races. The other admonition concerns counterfeit surfaces [Polytrack and Cushion Track]. Focuses earned on fake surfaces are considered earth focuses. This causes some appalling issues for the Breeders Cup. For instance, Student Council won the Pacific Classic [Del Mar] on Polytrack and earned a programmed compartment to the Breeders Cup Classic at Monmouth Park. Should his associations decide to enter him in the Classic, Student Council will have practically no way to win [on the Monmouth Park earth course]. Actually, I feel that programmed billets ought to be granted distinctly from races run on similar surface as the Breeders Cup race.

The initial seven situations in an oversubscribed field are granted dependent on the point framework. These seven get the opportunity to run dependent on their focuses. The last seven positions are dictated by a blend of focuses earned and the assessments of a specialist board. This gives a “cushion zone” to permit slowpokes to get an opportunity to race against their companions. Longing for Anna won the 2006 Juvenile Fillies subsequent to being granted a billet by the master board, despite the fact that she neglected to qualify dependent on focuses.

The two-level framework is still set up for 2007, however it needs to prepare for the Breeders Cup Challenge program (Win And You’re In). Each time a pony wins a programmed offer he goes through one of the seven positions granted on focuses. This implies the master board actually gets the opportunity to grant the last seven compartments in an oversubscribed field. The new guidelines straightforwardly impact a pony that is on the air pocket. A pony that is positioned seventh on focuses can be skiped to eighth by a pony who wins a programmed compartment. Dropping to eighth in the focuses rankings places him helpless before the master board. This makes certain to flavor up the Breeders Cup determination measure.

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