An automatic knife is a fully automatic knife which has a button to open it. Unlike other available knives, these knives are compact, safe and foldable which make them more in demand. Having them can be desired by everyone with their amazing uses. But there are some safety restrictions which are imposed on using them by different state laws. If you are planning to get one, it is better to get the full information about the laws and regulations of the state regarding keeping such knives. Without knowledge, if any law is violated, it can cause heavy penalties by the government. Though there are rules on having them, these knives have amazing features which make them even more desirable:

Quicker Opening:

Based on the deployment methods, knives are divided into three types. They can be manual, assisted and fully automatic. People who are quite an enthusiast about knives and their types are well aware of the automatic knives. These types of knives work on the click or push of the button. Being operated with just a push, they need not require any efforts to exert. Also, they are quite quick in opening compared to another kind of knives. At the time of sudden attack or life-saving emergency, these knives never ditch and are always useful by serving the purpose quickly. Where other knives might need few seconds and assistance in terms of fingers and thumb, these knives just need a push and can be easily handled with one hand only.

Extremely Handy:

An automatic knife is extremely handy and comfortable to carry and keep along. They are folded when not working and require very less amount of space. The compact size and stature make them quite handy, unlike big size sharp blade knives. They can be kept in the purse or in the pocket and can be used in any emergencies or for cutting papers if required.

Less Amount of Effort:

Among all three types of deployment knives, manual knives take a lot of effort to open, and both hands need to be free to open it. Even in assisted one which works with the spring attached needs a hand to open but Kershaw knives being fully automated get opened with a push button. While holding in one hand, the thumb or finger of the same hand can successfully open the knife in the first strike only. This

Safe to Carry:

The blade of any knife can be extremely damaging and dangerous for kids and adults if knives are not kept carefully. This can leave a deep cut, which can hurt a lot, and if the cut is on sensitive body parts, it can be devastating harshly. Thus the blade of the knife has to be taken care of and must be out of reach of kids especially. Among all the existing knives, automatic knives are generally foldable. They get quite compact when they are folded, which keeps the blade safe. All one need is to make sure that the knife is kept folded after use. Thus these knives are extremely safe to carry along as the folded knife can’t harm anyone.

Convenient to Use:

Kershaw knives are the best knives with an automated mechanism, which is why they are extremely convenient to use with no extra knowledge or training required to operate them. These are amazingly useful and with not much technicalities to follow. With pushing the button, they get opened and are ready to serve the purpose immediately. After using them, they can be folded easily and again can be kept safely.

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